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Saturday notes: remembering Vegas, analyzing goaltenders and continuing the mock draft

While Preds fans stress for a few days over which upcoming free agents will or won't re-sign with the team, don't let that divert from the all-important NHL Draft coming up on Friday in Montreal. Check out the Predators' official draft parties to be held at various locations around Nashville that evening, and come out to join your fellow fans. I plan on attending the one in Franklin, along with the guys and Preds PA announcer Paul McCann.

After the jump we'll check in with the latest picks in the SB Nation NHL Mock Draft, some trailing bits out of Las Vegas, and a look a statistical look NHL goaltending performance in total over the last few seasons...

2009 SBN NHL Mock Draft: Day 5: Buffalo goes big with Kassian - From The Rink
Welcome to Day 5 of SB Nation's mock draft, where it's the weekend and there little time for chitchat. The Sabres, Panthers and Ducks all make their picks.

anonymous | Jeff Pearlman

Baseball author Jeff Pearlman talks about the use of anonymity in journalism - all too often it's a convenient excuse for publishing unfounded, but titillating material.

Teds Take - What Happens in Vegas

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis gives a peek into this time in Las Vegas for the NHL Awards. With Alex Ovechkin taking home 3 trophies but Mike Green leaving empty-handed, I'm sure it was a little bit bittersweet.

All Habs - Beliveau put Canadiens ahead of personal glory

All Habs brings us a glimpse into the greatness that is Jean Beliveau, who was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the NHL in Las Vegas this week.

Hockey Numbers: Some goalie statistics...

JavaGeek runs through the cumulative totals for goaltending perforance since the 2003-4 season, and comes up with a candidate for best overall NHL goalie that Predators fans will be familiar with...

Lastly, for those who missed it (like myself who only caught the end of the show), here's the introduction to the NHL Awards featuring my favorite celebrity hockey fan, Dennis Leary: