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Friday notes: NHL Draft day dawns, Fedorov heads home to Russia, and is Brent Sutter the new Radulov?

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It's Draft Day, so brush up on all the basics and if you're in Nashville, be sure to attend one of the three official draft parties this evening (I'll be at the one in Franklin, where Paul McCann will attend and the Section 303 crew will hold a live podcast).

Remember to check in with the SB Nation NHL Draft Hub for all the coverage this weekend from our network of sites. There's some amazing analysis out there, and we've got 8 bloggers on the ground in Montreal, providing constant updates.

After the jump, all your pre-draft news and a whole lot more...

Gregor on the road I: This flight tonight -

Jason Gregor reports on a number of items heading into the draft, including this: "Nothing to the Tootoo for Nilsson rumour right now. Nashville would want more in return, and they aren’t that interested in moving a player like Tootoo. Good contract and a guy that is hard to play against."

Montreal Flavor - Bird Watchers Anonymous

The Falconer checks in from the pre-draft media bacchanal in Montreal, and brushes elbows with a number of noteworthy folks, from GM's to prospects to mainstream media figures.

All Habs: An open letter to Pierre McGuire

This Montreal Canadiens blog extends an olive branch to analyst Pierre McGuire, who has jumped on the anti-blogging bandwagon a few times. We'll see if anything comes of it, but this weekend does offer an opportunity for the mainstream media to interact directly with bloggers and hopefully strike down some misunderstandings. Of course, I am typing this in my pajamas right now, so there you go. (hat tip to Nancy Kohler)

Is Sutter Canadian for Radulov? - Nashville Predators Examiner

"Is it me, or did the recent coaching announcement in Calgary catch anyone else as kind of, I don’t know what the right word is, possibly Radulovy?" A well-played skewering of the Sutter brothers from Jim Diamond.

Fedorov: "I Always Wanted to Play on the Same Team With My Brother" - Japers' Rink

Translation of Russian language Sport-Express interview with Sergei Fedorov, which took place several hours after his signing a 2 year deal with the KHL team Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Fedorov is easily the most accomplished Russian player in NHL history, and it's a sad day to see him leave.

Cammalleri set to test free agency -

Mike Cammelleri appears in some rumors as a potential acquisition for Nashville, but I don't see it. If he indeed hits the free agent market, he'll be highly sought after and command a hefty salary.

Draft reviews yield mixed feelings - The Tennessean

John Glennon takes a "coulda woulda shoulda" look at the Predators' previous drafts. Pretty much the whole NHL wishes they'd taken a late-round flyer on Pavel Datsyuk by now...