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Tuesday notes: Preparing for free agency, and a new podcast launches

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"'Twas the night before Free Agency, and all through the game, GM's were struggling to keep their teams from becoming lame..."

Yeesh, that was awful!

Here's a few quick hits for you as we get ready for the opening of Free Agent season tomorrow:

NHL free agent impact players remain scarce | The Tennessean
John Glennon notes that if the Predators have to replace possible free agent Steve Sullivan, there are few impact players available.

Between The Boards 6/30/2009 - Brandon Worley on Blog Talk Radio
Brandon Worley of Defending Big D, SB Nation's Dallas Stars blog, launches a new podcast this evening called "Between the Boards" at 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central. Your attendance is mandatory.

2009 Sortable NHL Free Agent Tracker - TSN
Bookmark this site over the next couple days, it gets updated as various players sign new contracts.

The best of the free agents - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek takes a look at the most desirable players set to the hit market at noon Wednesday, including Nashville's Steve Sullivan.

Better Know a Blogger: Raw Charge's Cassie McClellan - Blog Huddle
A new series is launched over at Blog Huddle, which acts as a central hub for all things related the various SB Nation blogs. Blez begins interviews Cassie McClellan, who writes for Raw Charge, which covers the Tampa Bay Lightning.