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Scouting one of the great un-served hockey markets

This weekend I'm in Hartford, Connecticut visiting family, so the posting will be few and far between until Monday (by all means chime in on the sidebar with FanPosts and FanShots if you've got a take that's ripe for the picking). But here's a few items to get you started today:

Expansion money will buy you GTA team - Hamilton Spectator
Steve Milton takes a look at the group which today will unveil a $1 billion proposal for an NHL expansion team, along with a new arena, in the Greater Toronto Area. Milton also makes the case that no matter who owns an NHL franchise coming to the region, Copps Coliseum in Hamilton makes the most sense as a venue.

Lowetide: Draft Update

More pre-draft musings from Lowetide... again, once the Stanley Cup is won, expect a serious NHL Entry Draft push around these parts.

The Tale of Two Attitudes - Raw Charge

SB Nation's Tampa Bay Lightning blog takes a look at the attitudes displayed by John Tavares and Victor Hedman, in an attempt to determine which one might be more ready for NHL stardom.

Break out the short-shorts and glitter, the Predators have announced that auditions for the Predators Dance Team will take place June 20.