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Ice fishing in June? It's cooler than golf

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After last night's dominating 5-0 victory over Pittsburgh, Detroit stands just one win away from the first successful Stanley Cup title defense since... they did the trick in '97 & '98.

For the hockey world, this means that the end of the season is within sight - will the Pens keep hope alive by rebounding in Game Six on home ice, or will the Red Wings close out the series on the road?

After the jump, you'll find a few links to get your Sunday started, including an alternative to the typical characterization of hockey players out of the playoffs hitting the golf course right away...

Predator back in the den - Northern News Service

Darrell Greer catches up with Jordin Tootoo as he returns home to Rankin Inlet for the summer. So what does one do to relax up in Nunavut during the summertime? Ice fishing, of course.... (hat tip to apsunick at the Preds message boards for finding this)

Predators 2004 draft evaluation - Hockey's Future

"The 2004 NHL entry draft was the final one with nine rounds, and Nashville was poised to make the most of this opportunity with 11 picks at their disposal." Take a look back at how the Preds did five years ago on Draft Day...

NHL says four buyers apply to keep Coyotes in Arizona | The Tennessean

Apparently there is some real competition for Jim Balsillie to not just own the Phoenix Coyotes, but to operate them locally and avoid a forced relocation, according to a filing by NHL with the bankruptcy judge in Arizona. The most hilarious bit comes in this excerpt - In his declaration, Balsillie — whose company that makes the Blackberry — said he aspires to be "a good NHL owner, who will work with the league and other clubs within the rules."

The Columbus Dispatch : Redoing arena deals can get sticky 

As the Blue Jackets look to restructure their financial relationship with Nationwide Arena, the local rag looks at the issues involved in re-working an arena lease. Such an adjustment was critical to the Freeman group's success so far in Nashville, although the matter in Columbus is also complicated by the fact that the arena is currently owned by Nationwide Insurance, not the city or county within which the BJ's play.