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NHL Free Agency Open Thread

If yesterday was any indication, between the unexpected Gomez/Higgins trade and the Dany Heatley "non-trade", this should be a wild day to follow for NHL fans. At noon Eastern time, teams can start signing free agents to new contracts, and there are some big names on the market.

Locally, the Nashville Predators have some key players testing the waters in Steve Sullivan, Joel Ward, and Greg Zanon in particular.

For a look at what the various NHL teams have to offer, and what they're looking for, use Mirtle's list of Cheat Sheets as a jumping-off point. TSN also has a Free Agent Tracker that gets updated, but I'm guessing that Twitter is likely to be a more rapid-fire way to keep on top of things (you can follow me at @Forechecker).

So jump into the comments below to follow all the action - if this is your first time stopping by On the Forecheck, go ahead, register, and jump into the fray. One thing I might suggest is when someone reports a done deal in the comments section (please cite a link to a source like TSN or, use the "actions" button to Recommend that comment. Once a comment gets enough Recommendations it gets highlighted within the flow, which will help approved deals jump out to the reader.