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Sound Off, Predators Fans! The OtF Roll Call...

Between free agency getting underway later today and all the drama around Steve Sullivan's situation, this is going to be an anxious week for Nashville Predators fans. Thanks to some articles that have drawn a great deal of visitors lately (including the Alexander Radulov interview from Sport-Express, and the analysis around what it might take to retain key Nashville players), we've had a number of new folks who have registered lately, and I want to take this chance to welcome you, and provide this opportunity for you to introduce yourself.

If you're new to these parts, this site is part of a network of sports blogs (SB Nation) that provides an open, easy-to-use platform for you to participate in the dialog about your favorite teams. The following posts from Defending Big D, our Dallas Stars blog, provide a good overview of some of the features:

Defending Big D User Guide

FanPosts and FanShots How-To & Posting Tips

Notes on Commenting

If you've just been lurking around, let us know you're here - register (you can even use your Yahoo ID if you like), and chime in below in the comments as we prepare for some furious back seat GM-ing later today.

So let us know - who are you, how'd you become a hockey/Predators fan, and what do you look forward to this fall out of the team?