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Friday's facts: a young man goes west, and the value of hitting and fighting

Yesterday was a busy day around these parts, but today brings a whole new raft of NHL news and notes. We've got a Predator leaving via free agency, a look at two aging blueliners available on the market, and some statistical work that examines the physical aspects of the game to see if they actually lead to victory.

All that and more after the jump...

Ortmeyer Goes West - Admirals Short Shifts

Jed Ortmeyer, a bit of a cult favorite among Predators fans, has signed with the San Jose Sharks. Who are they going after next, Radek Bonk?

Preds add depth; RFA news; Scooter speask -

John Glennon takes a look at new Pred Peter Olvecky, and also lets us know about some restricted free agents who rejected their qualifying offers, in particular Ryan Jones and Cal O'Reilly. We'll see where their negotiations head from here...

Petr Sykora not coming back to Penguins, or sending Dan Bylsma a Christmas card - PensBurgh

Petr Sykora, one of the few remaining impact offensive forwards on the free agent market, sounds off about leaving the Stanley Cup champions.

Sergei Zubov: Done with Dallas, hip to new challenges? - Puck Daddy

It looks like Sergei Zubov's time in Dallas is done. While we're spending other people's money, wouldn't he look great on the Nashville power play? They could use the help, certainly... the question will be what salary level he'll command at age 39 coming off hip surgery.

Season Review: Sean O'Donnell - Battle of California

RudyKelly takes a look at a free agent defenseman who might look awfully good on Nashville's 3rd pairing. It will be interested to see where O'Donnell heads on the open market, and the salary he's able to command at age 37.

Hitting and Winning Games -

Jonathan Willis tries to find a connection between teams that Hit (as measured by the NHL) and those that win. I took a slightly different angle on that question back in a 2006 article

Fighters Prosper, But Just Barely - Puck Prospectus: Behind The Net

Gabriel Desjardins takes another whack at the notion that winning a fight helps to win a hockey he finds a bit of a correlation looking at the data from last season, but it's so small that "the direct benefit is probably on the order of having the equipment guys make sure nobody’s playing with an illegal stick."

Tom Benjamin’s NHL Blog : Defending McDonough

The curmudgeonly Vancouver blogger sticks up for Chicago's removal of Dale Tallon as general manager, as they replaced him with Stanley Bowman.

Medvedev Says K.H.L. Will Honor N.H.L. Decision on Hudler - NY Times Slap Shot Blog
Too late for Nashville, it appears that the KHL and NHL are starting to respect each others' contracts. Alexander Medvedev said that the KHL will await the results of Jiri Hudler's salary arbitration process with the Detroit Red Wings before registering the contract he signed with Moscow Dynamo.