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Saturday snooze: Predators still planning to add a dragon, and can anyone read French?

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Wake up, hockey fans! Sure it's a weekend in mid-July, but there's still plenty of news to follow. After the jump, we've got a look at potential additions to the organization both at the very top and very bottom...

Le Canadien subit la plus forte hausse de kilométrage | La Presse
Marc Antoine Godin of La Presse, a Montreal newspaper, says something about my NHL Super Schedule. I never made it past introductory French classes, however, so for all I know he's calling me a jelly doughnut. Any francophones out there care to translate? Thanks to OtF reader The Nacho Fan for the tip.

Predators aren't worried by delay over investor - The Tennessean
Brett Wilson is still on track to join the Preds ownership group, but the Phoenix and Montreal situations are said to have diverted the NHL's attention for the time being. There's been no word as to whether Barry Trotz, David Poile, and David Freeman have to go on Dragon's Den to seal the deal.

Predators 2009 draft review - Hockey's Future
Hockey's Future is a great source of information for players on their way up to the NHL, and Cory Wilkins takes a look at Nashville's entire draft class.

Kesley Wilson: A Ploy or Ahoy! - Admirals Short Shifts
Kelsey Wilson, who rejected his qualifying offer from the Preds, is rumored to be headed to Europe...