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Saturday notes: A Nashville Predator under pressure, while a former Pred may be getting married

This morning's news includes one Predator under pressure on the ice, one possibly facing pressure at the altar, and another one named to an "All-Saskatchewan Team". All that and more after the jump!

Team Saskatchewan: Part Three of Eight - Illegal

One past and one present Nashville Predator is named to Illegal Curve's "All-Saskatchewan Team".

Which Predator is on the hot seat in 2009-2010? - Nashville Predators Examiner

In a reaction to an piece that suggested Steve Sullivan as the Pred who is "on the hot seat" this upcoming season, Jim Diamond makes a much better case for an alternative.

Twitter / Steve Sullivan: Spending the weekend in Om ...

Steve Sullivan tweets from the road - is a former Nashville Predator getting married this weekend???

Hockey On Paper: A List Of The Aged

Players on multi-year contracts which kicked in after the age of 35 are especially risky for NHL teams, because if the player retires, the full cap hit is still applied to any remaining years. This article presents a list of such exposure by team, with Philadelphia's Chris Pronger contract sticking out like a sore thumb.