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Nashville's Metro Law Director raises issues with Predators' ultra-suite plans

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In Session, the Tennessean's local politics blog, notes that Metro Law Director Sue Cain is trying to get answers from the Nashville Predators related to their proposal to create the "Reserve at the Sommet Center", an ultra-luxury suite comprised of 130 seats, in place of two regular club-level seating sections that currently have a capacity of 250.

Their are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed before the city can give approval to proceed, which are detailed in the letter sent to the team. For example, the bond indenture tied to the arena bars the city from making any changes that result in ticket surcharges getting lessened. Since the new arrangement eliminates a net of 120 seats, there is a suggestion that perhaps the ticket surcharge for the Reserve be increased to cover the discrepancy. There are also analytical questions related to the financial relationship between the city and the team under the Sommet Center lease, and how various elements might be affected.

It will be interesting to see how quickly these issues can be resolved, as I'm sure it will take weeks to complete the construction work once all the approvals are obtained.