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Tuesday's notes: Little Preds on the rise, more trade rumor silliness

It's late July, so what do we have to talk about hockey-wise? There's little kids getting trained by the pros, some hockey stats geekery in the works, and a sterling example of how silly the trade rumor circuit gets sometimes. All this and more after the jump...

Little Preds Hockey School is in session - Nashville Predators Examiner

Jim Diamond has the scoop on the Little Preds Hockey school (which my son is attending). A good time was had by all at A-Game Sportsplex last night, except for one poor little girl who got her finger stepped on by a skate in the dressing room.

thinktrain: Rob Robinson » Does Sully equal success?
One local hockey fan asks the question that will surely get overlooked by outside observers who think the Preds didn't make any positive moves this offseason. With Sully on board during the 2nd half last year, Nashville played at a 100-point pace..

Irreverent Oiler Fans: The 'Shot Quality' Fantasy

Vic Ferrari takes a whack at "Shot Quality", one of the tools that hockey stat geeks like to use to better evaluate goaltender performance. There's some heady stuff in here that's going to require a bit of digestion...

An Interesting Development…? " SenSay

If you like trade rumors, this is milk-blowing-out-your-nose hilarious; at least, if the author is just being sarcastic. If not, it's downright ludicrous, easily one of the most impractical, absurd notions I've seen floated on Ye Olde Interwebs (and that's saying something).

Making the case: Maxim Afinogenov | Section 303

Jeremy suggests that the mercurial Buffalo Sabre might make a fine addition to the Preds 2nd line. Based on his struggles over the last two seasons, however, I would be very surprised to see the Preds make him a significant offer.