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KHL goes back on its word, registers Jiri Hudler's contract with Moscow Dynamo

After saying just two weeks ago that they would await the resolution of the arbitration process between the Detroit Red Wings and forward Jiri Hudler, the KHL has gone ahead and registered his contract with Moscow Dynamo, in another trans-Atlantic shot at the NHL. The KHL cites a number of reasons for making this move, most of which are tied to other disputes than the matter currently at hand.

Ken Holland and the Red Wings have been pretty much resigned to losing Hudler, but the KHL appears to be using this opportunity to complain publicly about a variety of topics in order to justify today's action.

The following press release was just dispatched on behalf of the KHL...

(Moscow, RUS) - Today, on the 30th of July at 10 a.m., the KHL registered the contract of Jiri Hudler (Czech. Rep) with HC Dynamo (Moscow). This was done because of:

·        Absence of Agreement or any other type of arrangement between the KHL and the NHL regarding transfers of players who are under status of restricted free agents

·        Rejection of the NHL to cancel registration of contract of player Evgeni Dadonov with NHL club Florida Panthers despite the fact that all contractual and sports rights for the player belong to HC Tractor Chelyabinsk

·        Absence of valid contract of Jiri Hudler with any NHL club

·        Prohibition from the NHL management to the Detroit Red Wings to negotiate with HC Dynamo Moscow on the rights for Jiri Hudler

·        Attempts by the Vancouver Canucks to sign a contract with hockey player Sergei Shirokov for whom all contractual and sports rights belong to the HC CSKA Moscow

The KHL had to settle the following decisions:

·        To register the contract of player Jiri Hudler with Dynamo Moscow on the July 30, 2009 without dependence of the results of hearings at NHL arbitration on his case. Hudler has the right to make his own choice in which league he will play

·        To confirm that KHL is ready at any time and in any format – including through meditation by the IIHF – to start negotiations with the NHL on the status of restricted free agents and on any other aspects of General Agreement on transfers of players between the KHL and NHL