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No ice in August? Try "Road Hockey Rumble" with Jordin Tootoo

The boys from Road Hockey Rumble asked me to pass the word along to OtF readers that DVD's of their series (which airs on OLN up there in the Great White North) are available to both Canadian and American viewers for order. What's Road Hockey Rumble, might you ask? This from OLN:

Stopping each week in a different hockey-mad Canadian community and tapping into local rivalries, the two captains each draft four local players to face off in a hockey rumble on the asphalt court. For each week’s winning team – bragging rights and beer. For the losing Captain – a creative, and at times, painful and embarrassing punishment! This ‘Everyman’s Hockey’ is stitched into the very fabric of our national identity. We’ve all played it, we can all relate to it and Road Hockey Rumble will be its loudest and most obnoxious fan.

There's a special Nashville connection in this series as well, involving a trip to Rankin Inlet, where Jordin Tootoo gets kidnapped, and the penalty for losing takes a decidedly local turn. Video after the jump...

Some of the language here is NSFW, so be advised! Those laid-back Canucks don't bleep everything.

Thanks to Calum for carving out this Preds-specific trailer for me to share with you guys. You can find the DVD available for order here.