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Tuesday's news: Sorting out the Kane affair, and Budish makes the cut

It's good to see that Nashville's hockey operations guys got right back to work after returning from vacation, signing Ryan Jones to a new contract yesterday. Now what will the rest of the week bring? While we wait, there's a bit of Q&A from one Preds blogger, good news on the prospect front, and lots of pondering over the Patrick Kane situation. All this and more after the jump!

Predators News

The Balsillie legacy: Why bide by the rules when you can make your own? - Inside Predators
Freshly back from vacation, John Glennon digs into last week's news about Jim Balsillie meddling in the Predators affairs as early as 2005, and sees a pattern of behavior that the NHL is justified in rejecting.

My Answers to Your Q's and a Last Chance to Get Said Q's In... - Brandon Felder
Brandon replies to some good questions from his readers... and I agree that Pekka Rinne competing on "Wipeout" would be a sight to behold.

Zach Budish Makes the Cut After USA Hockey Trims Roster - Nashville Predators
Encouraging news on the developmental front comes as 2009 2nd-round draft pick Zach Budish survives the cut from 42 to 29 skaters for Team USA's junior world championship squad. The team plays four exhibition games against Team Russia this week.

Around the NHL - 30 in 30: Red Wings still have core of Stanley Cup runs
The NHL's series of team reviews checks in with Detroit today; while they still have an elite core of players, have they lost enough support this summer (Marian Hossa, Mikael Samuellson, Tomas Kopecky, Jiri Hudler) to bring them back towards the rest of the Central Division?

Patrick Kane Incident Is Overblown Says Cabbie's Lawyer - Nucks Misconduct
I think Zanstrom correctly surmises how the Patrick Kane situation will work out.

Kane incident puts Blackhawks in tough spot - Craig Custance, Sporting News
Chicago Blackhawks President John McDonough talked tough during the playoffs about holding players accountable to a "Blackhawks Way". In light of those statements, it will be interesting to see how the team handles the Patrick Kane situation (hat tip to Kukla's Korner).

The Biggest Trade In Hockey History | NHL Digest
It was 21 years ago (yesterday) that the biggest trade in NHL history went down. No, not Greg Adams for Geoff Courtnall, you fools!

Buffalo Sabres Sign Mike Grier - Die By The Blade
Sabres fans sound happy to bring Mike Grier back into the fold. He's a solid depth player who dishes out the hits without taking too many penalties.