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Got something to say while the Preds Boards are down? Write a FanPost!

The Nashville Predators message boards are down while they transition to a new platform, so in the meantime, I thought it would be useful to point out the FanPosts and FanShots that members can use here to share your thoughts anytime, for inclusion in the side bar at the right. If enough users recommend it, FanPosts and FanShots can also get promoted into the center column, and based on the tags used, can also get featured on other SB Nation sites.

This tutorial from Defending Big D covers all the basics, so jump in there and sound off! Who do you like to fill out the 2nd line alongside Legwand and Erat? Which young defenseman are you looking forward to the most this fall? Should Colin Wilson start the season in Nashville or Milwaukee? Inquiring minds want to know!