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Weekend news: Nashville's paper smears the Preds once again

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Do you need to get your blood pressure up this weekend? Just take a look at the latest piece of "journalism" over at The Tennessean, where their continuing editorial campaign to portray the Predators' ownership in a negative light continues.

After the jump, we've got all the scoop, including the passing of an NHL legend, a look at Finland's Olympic preparations, and a whole lot more...

Predators News

Nashville Predators owners' assets unclear - The Tennessean

If you ever wondered why so many Predators fans can't stand The Tennessean, here's another case in point. As part of the Sommet Center Arena lease, the team's owners each have to provide an annual statement to the city declaring that their net worth exceeds minimum levels to guarantee the city's investment in the team. The owners have done so, and a city attorney agrees that they've provided what is required. A member of the Sports Authority asks questions about whether they should have to provide more information, however, which leads the paper to characterize the owners' assets as "unclear". Instead of grilling the owners, shouldn't the paper harrass the Sports Authority or the city for not requiring more specific information?

I could just as easily speculate about whether the writer of this article, Michael Cass, is secretly funded by Richard Rodier and a cabal of Panamanian drug lords, because he hasn't made a detailed list of his income & assets public, but guess what? He's not required to do that, and neither is the team's ownership group. Meanwhile, The Tennessean left untouched (outside of a late-night blog by John Glennon) the news that the financial suspicion levied against the team was likely prompted by Rodier and Jim Balsillie as far back as 2005. Apparently the editorial motto at the paper is, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

The O'Reilly factor: taking a look at the Preds' forward possibilities - Inside Predators
John Glennon reports that the issue of a one- vs. two-way contract is still on the table between the Preds and Cal O'Reilly, and that if the young center gets a one-way deal, that effectively narrows the number of spots open for competition in training camp to just two.

Measuring Sticks: Nashville Predators - Sport Informant
Sean Patchett finds three stretches within the Preds' upcoming schedule that could prove essential to their chances of returning to the playoffs.

Summer Fill: Q&A with On the Forecheck - Canes Country
As part of SB Nation's "Summer Fill" series, I answered a few questions over at our Carolina Hurricanes blog.

Around the NHL

Six Questions Regarding The Canucks Offense - Nucks Misconduct
See, most fans worry about where their team's offense is going to come from, even for a squad that finished 11th in the league last year like Vancouver.

Ted Kennedy, the most under-rated superstar of the NHL, is dead. - Cult of Hockey
"Teeder" Kennedy, one of the greats of the NHL's Original Six era, passed away at age 83. David Staples sets his career in perspective for you.

Finland goes 'all in' for 2010 -
Risto Pakarinen brings us a look at Team Finland's preparations for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. While not a favorite for the gold medal, Finland is sure to make an impact, and I'm sure Preds fans will keep an eye out to see if Kimmo Timonen is named captain of the squad.

Depth Perception: Defense - Puck-rakers
Aaron Portzline details the Columbus depth chart on defense. Although he says they "have a very good six-pack of NHL defensemen", I disagree strongly. They get little offensive punch from the back end compared to the rest of the Central (2nd fewest Goals and Points ahead of only St. Louis).