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Selecting the All-Time Nashville Predators: Wingers

It's time to start the voting on the All-Time Nashville Predators Team, and this morning we're going to begin on the wing. After the jump, you'll see our list of candidates, along with some support from the Peanut Gallery. So vote early, and speak up as to why your pick is one of the top players in Nashville's 10-season NHL history.

NOTE: Since two wingers will make the team, today's poll will close on Wednesday, with the winner making the team. Another poll will then be posted, from which the 2nd winger will be chosen. The same method will be applied to the defense.

Tom Fitzgerald

"not the most talented, but worked every shift, every night." - Pred2Win

Paul Kariya

"hated the way he left, but he was a joy to watch. I also liked the reaction around the league when he signed with us. Nashville? Karyia?? Wow!!" - Pred2Win

Scott Walker

"The Leading Scorer while he was here; the apex of the "lunch pail" work ethic of the team" - jwhouk

Steve Sullivan

"The team’s one and only Award winner, and always a threat to score when healthy" - jwhouk