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Selecting the All-Time Nashville Predators Team: Center

Now we come to what, for me, is the most interesting part of the selection process for the All-Time Nashville Predators Team. At center we have a number of good candidates, representing various aspects of what helps an organization thrive over the long term. Who are we to choose? Below, a selection of laudatory comments for each of the nominees...

And while you're at it, voting remains open for the first winger and defense spot as well!

Jason Arnott

"productive, no messing around." - Pred2Win

David Legwand

"The Face of the Franchise since pretty much day one" - jwhouk

Cliff Ronning

"He was THE 1ST offensive weapon we ever had. Great set up man and scored as well. A number of ( at the time) huge game winning goals. The 1st was 11/19/99 against the blues w/ 39 seconds left after trailing most of the night. Another was a puck thrown toward the net (in ot i think) for a win at the joe. He was the offensive reason we were competitive those first few seasons." - predswilrule