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Selecting the All-Time Nashville Predators Team: Goaltender

For an expansion franchise, the Nashville Predators have fared quite well when it comes to goaltending. When guys like Chris Mason and Dan Ellis stepped up to save the team's season in 2007 and 2008 respectively, it was an indication of the depth available and the solid work done by goaltending coach Mitch Korn.

But now, it's time to vote on the goalie for the All-Time Nashville Predators Team; which one of these three deserves your support?

And remember, polls are open for center, defense and winger as well.

Mike Dunham

"Not the best Pred... but all heart!" - TPCIcemen

Pekka Rinne

"Is it too soon to already anoint Rinne best Predator goaltender of all time?? ;-)" - ViewFromMySeats

Tomas Vokoun

"The gold standard (for now) to measure all Preds goalies." - Pred2Win