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Who is the greatest fighter in Nashville Predators history?

During last night's Preds on the Glass podcast, Buddy brought up an interesting question related to the All-Time Nashville Predators Team: where is the enforcer?

So I'm opening the floor to you, Preds fans. I've combed through to fill a gallery of gladiators from which you can select a special addition to the All-Time Nashville Predators.

Wade Belak

While he's only played one season with Nashville so far, his knockout of Donald Brashear in March is the stuff of legend.

Patrick Cote

The original Nashville enforcer, Cote was credited with 30 fights during the team's inaugural 1998-99 campaign, a Predators record that should remain unchallenged for a long, long time. He patrolled the ice in Nashville for just two seasons, but made an everlasting impression on opponents.

Darcy Hordichuk

A fan favorite on and off the ice, Hordi worked the Nashville beat for the first three post-lockout seasons to good effect. A student of Mixed Martial Arts, Hordichuk remains notable for his discipline. During the 2007-8 season, for example, he logged 12 fights, but not a single minor penalty the entire season. Too many fighters run around recklessly and leave their teammates shorthanded, but Hordi knew when and where to do his dirty work.

Denny Lambert

He only spent one season (1998-99) in Nashville, but made an impact with 17 fights that year.

Jordin Tootoo

While not a classic heavyweight, Tootoo makes up in moxie for he might lack in stature. With 48 NHL fights to his credit, Toots holds the Nashville career record for the number of times he's dropped the gloves.

Honorable Mention: Tomas Vokoun

Let's make one thing clear about this poll - we don't need anybody protecting Tomas Vokoun in the All-Time Nashville net. He's quite capable of taking care of himself! This classic comes from March 20, 2004 during a game in Calgary...

So what do you think? Am I improperly leaving out any of the early battlers like Bob Boughner, or Jim McKenzie? Vote below, and make the case for your favorite in the comments.