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Will KHL restricted free agents Sergey Shirokov and Denis Parshin come over to the NHL?

After refusing to sign contracts with CSKA of Russia's Kontinental Hockey League, restricted free agents Sergei Shirokov and Denis Parshin have been suspended by the league for a year. In what would be a reflection of moves such as Jiri Hudler's, will they now come across to North America? This comes from Sport Express:

"Decision of Disciplinary Committee came as a surprise for me", said Sergey Shirokov. "As for my next steps I am not going to think for a long time because I need to decide where I will continue my career".

"If I am not exchanged from CSKA to another club until August 10, I will sign a contract with Vancouver Canucs.[sic] So far as I know my suspension won’t affect my career in NHL".

Is this Atlantic pond-hopping going to become a commonplace method of avoiding conflicts between players and their respective teams? Who knows, but what does remain is the fact that the NHL and KHL need to hammer out a more thorough agreement on player transfers to avoid the confusing mess that has surrounded certain players for more than a year now.