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Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane arrested in Buffalo

According to a report at TSN, Chicago Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane was arrested last night in Buffalo for assaulting a cabbie over a mere 20 cents:

According to a police report, the 20-year-old Kane and his cousin James M. Kane, 21, were arrested around 5am et after allegedly punching the cabbie after he said he did not have proper change for their trip fare.

The report says the cab fare was $13.80 and the Kanes handed the driver $15. He claims he had only $1 change and was not in possession of another twenty cents to give back. According to the police report, both Kanes took their money back and punched the cabbie in the face and head.

Here's the report from local Buffalo TV:

What's with a guy making multi-millions not tipping a cabbie? Maybe he's just a holdover from the "Dollar Bill" Wirtz regime. You stay classy, Chicago!

And for those of you who might quickly respond with a "this can't be, he's a good young kid who would never do something like this..." I'll give you this from one local Chicago blog:

I have heard from many fans at the both the radio and TV stations that I work at who complain that Kane is rude and doesn't sign autographs as much as some fans feel he should. I have heard from various sources in the NHL who seem to think that Kane's success has gone to his head and that he is not as mature as he should be. Immaturity is one thing for a 20 year old but punching a cab driver at 5 am after he didn't have 20 cents in change is entirely another. 


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