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Tuesday's news: Is the Metro Sports Authority shaking down the Preds?

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Happy September, everybody! Training camps open in less than two weeks, so we'll finally have some on-ice action to talk about shortly This morning we've got a wealth of news and notes for you, however. After the jump, we've got a member the Metro Sports Authority supposedly angling for an enormous slice of cash from the Preds, a coup within the NHL Players Association as Paul Kelly gets fired, and another NHL owner landing in hot water over alleged misappropriation of funds.

While working through your day, keep an ear out on WNSR (560 AM in Nashville or listen online) during the 11:00 Central hour, as I'll join the Thom Abraham Show to talk Predators as the preseason approaches.

Predators News

Rex: Sports Authority dipping into Predators revenue - Nashville City Paper
The Preds have proposed using their own money to invest in the Sommet Center and attract more revenue, so what does a member of the Metro Sports Authority want to do? Skim 40% of the gross revenue off the top. I'm assuming that Rusty Lawrence offered this idea while wearing a cape and mask, and wringing his hands with glee.

Predators defense preview - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond takes a look at the Nashville defense, and sees a lot of very raw meat after the top four.

Predators No. 1 line makes offense secure - The Tennessean
One thing Preds fans can feel secure about heading into the season is the quality of the top line of Steve Sullivan, Jason Arnott, and J.P. Dumont, writes John Glennon.

Coming Soon To An Office Cubicle Near You - Admirals Short Shifts
While around here we've been voting on an All-Time Nashville Predators Team, up in Milwaukee they've taken things up a level; deciding which former Admiral should be honored with a bobblehead likeness this season. And your winner is...

Ten Bitches: The A2Y Rivalry Depth Chart - Abel to Yzerman
We know that Preds fans like nothing better than beating the Red Wings. But where does Nashville rank on Detroit's list of rivals? Starting tomorrow, IwoCPO starts his countdown from #10 to #1...

Around the NHL

Dreger: Questions aplenty about Kelly's dismissal - TSN
Darren Dreger gives us a peek inside the process that led to the NHL Players Association firing their executive director, Paul Kelly. Are the players taking a step backwards, letting a handful of insiders dictate the direction of the union, or is there a genuine groundswell of opinion that Kelly was taking them in the wrong direction?

Down Goes Brown: The NHLPA fires Paul Kelly: The top secret transcript
DGB had spies in the room as the NHLPA fired their executive director, Paul Kelly this weekend. Read at your own risk...

DirecTV has dumped Versus due to a contract impasse between DirecTV and Comcast, which runs Versus. A sticky point here is that as both a cable company and a content provider, Comcast has conflicting interests going on here. They can say to hockey fans, for example, that they should switch from DirecTV to Comcast for more reliable Versus coverage. I'm guessing this gets resolved before the start of the NHL Regular Season.

Barrie goes out in a steaming heap - From The Rink
The Tampa Bay ownership squabbles might be close to resolution, as it appears that Len Barrie is on the outs. How does the song go? "Another one bites the dust..."

Five Reasons Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski Loves Hockey - Puck Daddy
The "Five Reasons" series concludes with Greg's offering, which of course includes an homage to his New Jersey Devils.

Re-thinking What You Thought You Thought About Line-Matching - Japers' Rink
One of the more thought-provoking hockey articles I've read in quite a while asks whether line-matching or not is the proper strategy, at least for the Washington Capitals.

Roundtable Discussion: Atlantic Division Preview - Hockey From the Cheap Seats
Bloggers representing each of the Atlantic Division teams provide their perspective on how the teams will fare this fall.