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Back on the beat

Well folks, I'm back from my week-long tour of the Caribbean, and I'm sorry to say that I couldn't find a winger down there to help out the Preds (although it is encouraging that David Poile appears to be working the phones on that front). Thanks go out to my fellow Preds bloggers for participating in my "Get to know..." series of articles, and to smashville for providing timely info on Taylor Swift's debut of the new 3rd jersey. I'll reserve final judgment until I get to see the real thing up close, but overall I think it looks pretty good.

Speaking of Swift, I'm guessing that the Predators fan base won't be too happy about the dust-up at MTV's Video Music Awards last night, which saw Swift win an award, only to have Kanye West interrupt her speech to engage in some self-aggrandizing support of Beyonce Knowles.

I don't care how many records you sell, money can't buy class, son.

It'll take me a bit to get back up to speed, but your Breakfast Links should return tomorrow morning, along with all sorts of training camp and fantasy hockey coverage to boot.