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Santorelli and Franson deliver the goods

While on vacation last week I got a nice note from Predators fan Scott Osborne, who received an extra surprise along with the delivery of his season tickets. Follow after the jump to see what he had to share!

Have a great time in the Caribbean, Dirk

Back home-- the Predators delivered our season tickets directly to our door this year.

Oh, and I should mention that Mike Santorelli and Cody Franson made the delivery--accompanying our good friend Courtney Gray and taking Becky (Mrs. Osborne) and me by complete surprise.

Mike Santorelli, Becky Osborne, Cody Franson, Scott Osborne

That's Mike on the left.  We saw him in seven games with the Preds last season; I'm thinking those hands and scoring ability will bring him up from Milwaukee full time sooner or later.  You know Cody.  Some people are calling him "the next Shea Weber."  We should be so fortunate.

Cody Franson, Nashville Predators Fan Relations Supervisor Courtney Gray, Mike Santorelli, Becky Osborne

And you want to know why we signed up for two seasons' worth of tickets?

Thanks so much to Scott for sharing his surprise with us!