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Nashville Predators officially unveil new third jersey

via John Russell/Getty Images
via John Russell/Getty Images

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Dirk is at the game, and he got his hand on a few photos of the unveiling of the jersey to share with us. After the jump are two videos with players' reactions and a close up of the jersey.

via John Russell/Getty Images

A close-up of the checkerboard trim:


We also have another detail shot of the chest logo and shoulder patch to add, courtesy of the Preds:

Nashville Predators new third jersey chest logo and shoulder patch

And here's what they were thinking in terms of the design:

3rd Jersey Details:

Last night prior to the Predators 5-0 Preseason win over the Atlanta Thrashers, the Nashville Predators debuted their new third jersey. This new jersey has its roots in an Original 6 style, yet keeps a feeling that is distinctly Nashville – featuring a vintage-inspired lace-up front, a subtle checkerboard pattern lining the bottom of the jersey and a bolder-and-simplified color scheme. This new color scheme is evident in the Pred-head logo, including colors such as Nashville steel, navy blue, silver, white and a glowing eye, all changes from its predecessor. Also revamped is the jersey’s shoulder patch, which features a Predators “skull” logo, encircled by throwback style lettering with the words “Nashville Predators Hockey Club.”


Here is the video that was played on the jumbotron before the unveiling: