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Wednesday's news: Franson's hope

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Tonight the Predators skate in Atlanta in pre-season action, but until then we've still got your morning news and notes. After the jump, we have word of more Predators games getting broadcast in HD, a look at a "Top 50 NHL Players" list, and an advocate for Cody Franson as a Nashville defenseman...

Predators News

Making The Case For Cody - Admirals Short Shifts
Ryan makes a case for Cody Franson winning a spot with the Predators, as opposed to returning to Milwaukee to start the season. After suffering a broken nose last Thursday in a fight, his opportunity to earn that job on the ice has taken a downturn.

Twitter / predsradio
Radio play-by-play man Tom Callahan passes along word that 30 Predators games will be broadcast in HD on Fox Sports TN this season, a nice step up from last year.

Around the NHL

Islanders One Step Closer to Hiring Moving Vans -- NHL FanHouse
While the headline is sensationalist, it's certainly a critical time for the New York Islanders. Progress towards approval of the Lighthouse Project seems painstakingly slow, while last night the team played a sparsely-attended exhibition game in Kansas City.

The importance of rearguard action - The Globe and Mail
Mirtle shares a few tips for drafting defenseman in fantasy hockey. Basically, don't do it unless you have to!

Andy Murray breaks down the Blues’ defensive decisions - STLtoday
The St. Louis Blues coach discusses his defense corps.

2009-10 Central Division Storylines - Sport Informant
An assortment of angles to watch during the coming season, including a focus on the goaltending within the division. Frankly, when I look around I'd say Nashville has the best 1-2 tandem in goal among the five teams.

The Morning Skate: Bareheaded Fights, Gretzky’s Nightmare and the K.C. Isles - Slap Shot
Stu Hackel discusses the Tootoo-Sestito fight in light of the death of Don Sanderson, the amateur player whose head struck the ice after a fight in an amateur league last year.

Psycho Lady Hockey: Top 10 Tuesday: Hockey lookalikes.
Funny stuff from north o' the border... When I heard #3 mentioned on the Preds on the Glass podcast yesterday, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Brophy: Ranking the Top 50 players -
Mike Brophy compiles a list of elite NHL players, and includes Shea Weber, of whom he says, "only lacks recognition because he plays in a hockey wasteland." Well, at least we know how to spell his name (Shea, not Shae), Mike.

A Stanley Cup Ring Doesn't Make Crosby Better Than Ovechkin - Hockey Or Die!
Thank you, Jonathan Willis, for taking Brophy to task for running with the lamest, most over-used argument made by sportswriters - that of measuring an individual in a team sport by how many championships he's won.

The View from 111: Labor Clouds Loom Large
Mark sees trouble ahead when the NHL and the players begin negotiations on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Can the two sides avoid a repeat of the Great Lockout of 2004-5?

Burish gone for six months - The Globe and Mail
The Chicago Blackhawks will miss Adam Burish until springtime after surgery to repair a torn ACL in his right knee.

Steve Yzerman: On the hot seat -
A Q&A with the general manager of Team Canada's Olympic hockey squad (hat tip to Kukla's Korner)

A look at the remaining free agents -
John Kreiser runs down a list of unrestricted free agents who are still on the market.

Bad Headlines 521st edition - Jerseys and Hockey Love
Tapeleg finds a groaner of a headline on another hockey site. Sometimes when people try to appear witty, they cross the line of good taste.

Lastly, to get the hockey juices flowing, check out this wicked shootout goal by Toronto's Nazem Kadri last night: