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A new Predators goal song in Nashville? Is "I Like It, I Love It" no more?

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One of the unique aspects of hockey in Nashville is the celebration that breaks out when the Predators score a goal, with Tim McGraw's "I Like It, I Love It" ringing from the rafters.

During tonight's pre-season game against Carolina, however, when J.P. Dumont scored in the 1st period to tie the game at 1-1, something different happened... just watch some of the chatter from the Predfans Twitter group:

amsd2dth: well that was some odd music at the score... 

ericshuff: I pray they stopped playing Tim McGraw for good...


jacksonoakes: Yay! No more Tim McGraw!

predschickidee: new goal song? What's up with that???

So what's the new tune? Apparently it's "Bro Hymn" by Pennywise , a song which is used in Anaheim as well. Check out how the Ducks use it...

I've actually been thinking that some of the routines in Nashville could use some shaking up, so it will be very interesting to see how this carries over to the regular season. I do agree with one other comment that was made on Twitter...

amsd2dth: they can get rid of fang fingers while they're at it!

UPDATE: Not even 24 hours after trying out the new song, tradition is being restored! This from the team's official Twitter account:

NHLPredsInsider: @codeyh just confirmed, goal song will go back to Mr. McGraw.