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Friday news: Predators prepare for training camp, broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell diagnosed with cancer

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As we head into the long Labor Day weekend, we've certainly got your Predators updates for you, but also a bit of somber news to share. After the jump, a report from Detroit where baseball broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell faces a cancer diagnosis with his characteristic sunny outlook. I know many in the Nashville area either relocated from Michigan or have connections there, so I wanted to pass it along here...

Predators News

The Players You Might Not Know - Admirals Short Shifts
Ryan fills us in on some of the lesser-known names attending training camp later this month.

Defections don't soften Predators' punch - The Tennessean
John Glennon's team preview pieces wrap up with a look at the 4th line. I have to admit that I did chortle at the notion that Patric Hornqvist "has some grind in his game."


Not even cancer diagnosis can shake Harwell's spirit - Detroit Free Press
One of the great broadcasters of all time, Ernie Harwell, has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. As a kid growing up, Harwell's voice was a summertime staple for me.

Roundtable Discussion: Pacific Division Preview - Hockey From the Cheap Seats
Another fine collection of scribes looks at the Pacific Division...

Kessel contract talks still at a standstill - Stanley Cup of Chowder
The Boston Bruins have yet to reach a deal with restricted free agent Phil Kessel, while rumors swirl about teams like San Jose and the Rangers being interested in trading for him.

Paul Kelly Reportedly Accessed Sealed NHLPA Meeting Minutes - Sports Business Daily
It appears that some pretty damning evidence was given to the NHLPA leadership, which fired executive director Paul Kelly on Monday. This piece sums up the allegations, and brings together reaction for and against the move from around the league.

Sabermetric Research: Re-estimating an NHL team's Picasso value
Phil Birnbaum takes a whack at evaluating the value of an NHL franchise in Hamilton, starting from the testimony given by sports economist Andrew Zimbalist during the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy trial.