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A Tennessee contribution to the 2009 Maple Leafs Annual

When a gang of Toronto sports writers needed some insight for their 2009 Maple Leafs Annual, which hits the shelves today throughout the Great White North, where did they turn? Tennessee, of course!

I was honored when Alec Brownscombe of Maple Leafs Hot Stove asked me to contribute a piece to this exhaustive preview of the 2009-10 Leafs, so about midway through this tome you can find my projection for breakout candidates on the team, including Mikhail Grabovsky and Ian White. The gang from Pension Plan Puppets and James Mirtle are also featured.



While not available in bookstores here in the States, any of you transplanted Canadians can order the 2009 Maple Leafs Annual direct from the publisher, Maple Street Press, via their website. Locally, fans can find their pro and college football annuals on the shelves right now, including many which involve the work of my SB Nation colleagues.