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Get to know a Preds Blogger: Codey Holland

While I’m scouring the Caribbean for a 2nd-line winger (since David Poile hasn’t found one yet), stay tuned for a number of features highlighting the members of what has become a vibrant and diverse community – your Nashville Predators bloggers. Before heading out on vacation I had the good sense to get others to do my writing for me this week, so I asked them to answer some questions which will not only help you get to know each one of them, but also provide some conversation about where the Preds are headed this season. I hope you’ll enjoy their replies as much as I did.

Get to know a Preds Blogger: Codey Holland

Sitting atop Section 303 not unlike Zeus on Mt. Olympus, Codey helped revive last season, and joins Jeremy K. Gover on the 303:30 podcast. A die-hard Preds fan, Codey also helped the team directly last season as one of the top producers in the team's Ambassadors Club, which rewards season ticket holders for helping the team fill more seats.

Q: How long have you been a hockey fan, and have you always followed the Preds?

I fell in, out, and back in love with hockey.  Growing up in West Tennessee, the only team I ever heard news about were the Memphis RiverKings, and even that was a short segment on the local news.  Sadly, I think the Mighty Ducks movies got me interested, then I started watching, playing the video games, and found myself hooked.  It was then I started to follow the Colorado Avalanche, and specifically Patrick Roy.  I lost interest at some point in high school or college, and Dave Matthews Band concerts became my passion.  In 2006-2007 season, Jeremy Gover invited me to a game, after meeting because of DMB, and the rest is history.

Q: What drew you into blogging?

I'm a geek, plain and simple.  I had used LiveJournal since 2000 or so.  What drew me to is making sure that the big white sign I sit in front of is well-represented.  By the time I felt that I was aware enough of the Predators environment to get involved, the website domain had expired.  Embarrassed for the Cellblock, I made it my mission to restore the site to it's previous glory.. a task that is still in progress.

Q: Before we dig into the year ahead, what's your favorite hockey memory?

The hatred between Colorado and Detroit during playoff season, that was some nasty hockey.  Preds-related, it's "The Timeout" during the St. Louis game in 2007, when the fan base could breathe a sigh of relief that for the moment, we were still the Nashville Predators.

Q: With training camp on the horizon, which new Predator are you most looking forward to seeing?

I thoroughly enjoyed Development Camp, for Ellis, Budish, Spaling and others.  I'm looking forward now to seeing many of the new signings we've made during the off-season, and seeing how they might fill out the 3rd and 4th lines.

Q: Who would you like to see on the second line with Legwand & Erat?

Move David Legwand out to the wing, and bring in one of our many centers to fill the void in the middle.

Q: Who's your pick for Most Improved Pred this season?

I'm looking to Jordin Tootoo to have a solid year, between Gelinas bring back in the fold, and it being a contract year for #22.

Q: Who will lead the team in scoring?

Team leaders will be Dumont due to his passing, and hopefully Sullivan from a revitalized power play.

Q: Where do you think the Preds will finish in the Central Division and Western Conference?

The Central Division is going to be one of the most interesting in hockey.  Detroit finds a way to win, that's just how they operate.  Can Columbus follow up from last year's success?  Will the youth movement in Chicago continue to produce?  Will Chris Mason continue to be strong in St. Louis?  So many questions, that means 2-5 in the conference are a virtual toss-up.  So to answer the question, I see Nashville 3-5 in the division and 6-10 in the conference.