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Wednesday's notes: Predators leaving misery and controversy in their wake

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Another late night, another win for the Nashville Predators in Edmonton, so now we get to enjoy a couple days' break before the road trip finale in Calgary on Friday.  So far, after each victory along the way they've left Vancouver up in arms over the officiating, and Edmonton bemoaning the sad state of their team. There's plenty of hockey news to read in the meantime, however, until the battle with the Flames.

After the jump, there's big news about one of the most prominent hockey blogs out there, a litany of misery from Oilers country over the state of their team, and video of Alex Ovechkin dropping the gloves...

Predators News

O'Reilly passing his way into Nashville's plans -
Will Cal stick around at the NHL level long enough to get a chance to play against his brother Ryan when the Preds visit Colorado on January 22nd? That would make for a nice story...

Winning is all that really matters -
Jim Matheson profiles how a tired Predators team came in and dominated last night.

'Best referees in the world' -- Trotz :
Obviously, Barry Trotz wants to steer clear of the Alex Burrows/Stephane Auger controversy.

Around the NHL

The state of the blog - From The Rink
With uber-hockey blogger James Mirtle covering the Maple Leafs on a day-to-day basis, he's got some big news about his site, From the Rink, which was recently ranked as the #2 hockey blog by Sports Media Challenge.

The Dark Blue Jacket: What’s Cooking in the CBJ Kitchen?
A decidedly different take on what's wrong with Columbus, and how to fix it.

Edmonton - Nashville post-game: Another fun night at Rexall Place - The Copper & Blue
I think this is what you'd call "gallows humor".

When will someone be held accountable for assembling this wreck of an Oilers team? - Cult of Hockey
Dave Staples is ready to dismantle the Oiler in light of Nashville's 5-3 win last night at Edmonton. I can't say I blame him...

BoC: The Movie! Part IV: Electric Boogaloo - Battle of California
Wow, the honors continue to pour in for SBN's hockey sites. They're going to make a movie out of Battle of California?

Don Cherry Colorado Rockies coach | The Hockey Writers
Bruce Wilkie takes a look back to Don Cherry's final NHL coaching stint, a bizarre season in Colorado.

Crosby on pace to get 50 goals thanks to changes in his game - TSN
Sidney Crosby blossomed as a goal-scorer during the playoffs last spring, and has carried that attitude forward this season, taking his game to another level.

Curtis Joseph retires - The Globe and Mail
‘Cujo' hangs up the skates on a fine NHL career - will it land him in the Hall of Fame? We'll get to that debate in a few years...

Down Goes Brown: The NHL's plan for winning back video game fans
Too many youngsters are playing video games rather than hockey, and DGB knows how to get them back on the ice, and watching the NHL.

College Hockey News: CHN All-Decade Team
College hockey players used to be a rarity in the NHL, but look at this all-decade list, and you'll see a number of quality pros earning their way up through the NCAA ranks.

Lastly, thanks to Raw Charge, check out the video from last night's Tampa Bay-Washington game, which featured Alex Ovechkin throwing down the gloves: