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Thursday thoughts: Did Tennessee get "Raduloved" by Lane Kiffin?

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Leave it to hockey fans to bring informed and witty insight into the world of college football.

A great line was offered up by Preds fan @Smashville last night when he was interviewed by the local Fox affiliate about the sudden departure of Lane Kiffin from the University of Tennesse:


Well played, sir... well played. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we hear Kiffin declare that he's "trying not to think about Knoxville".

After the jump, your morning news and notes includes video of a day of curling for the Preds, free hockey tickets for kids who do their homework, and the question of where the NHL should head in the next 10 years...

Earthquake In Haiti: How You Can Help - SB Nation
Setting aside the silly world of sports for a moment, head over here for a few different ways you can help the people of Haiti as they try to recover from the horrific earthquake that hit their island earlier this week.

Predators News

Predators hurry hard to curling rink for team building -
Allen Cameron has the scoop on yesterday's curling expedition by the Preds, as they enjoyed an off day. There's video of the day at the bottom of this article, thanks to the tip from @hpatt15 on Twitter.

Under the radar: Surprising teens and wily vets shine -
Wes Goldstein highlights Patric Hornqvist's stellar season so far.

Predators can't afford two-goalie luxury - The Tennessean
Dan Ellis and Pekka Rinne are just two of several pending free agents that David Poile will have to contend with this summer.

Free Preds tickets may be phone call away for kids - The Tennessean
Get your kids to do their homework next week, and they might win tickets to an upcoming Preds game. Pretty cool promotion here...

Help Wanted - Admirals Short Shifts
And you thought the Preds were short-handed due to injury? Milwaukee's casting about for help, too.

Around the NHL

NHL Power Rankings: Where The New Jersey Devils Are Robbed, Of Course - SB Nation
The latest SB Nation NHL power rankings saw the Preds drop slightly, although to be fair, the voting took place prior to the Vancouver and Edmonton victories.

NHL: Burrows claims against ref Auger 'cannot be substantiated' - Puck Daddy
It looks like the Alex Burrows/Stephane Auger affair will end with just a $2,500 to the Canucks forward. I'm guessing we won't see much of Auger in the playoffs, however, as those assignments are handed out based on performance ratings. The best thing for all parties involved here is to put the issue in the past and move on.

Video: St. Louis Blues fans dress as dancing robots, seek tickets - Puck Daddy
When the season gets tough, the fans get... weird???

Forsberg suffers setback in rehab, out at least 2 weeks - TSN
In other breaking news, water is wet and the sun rose in the East this morning. - I need one of those hats where you can tuck a card reading "Press" into the hatband
Tyler breaks some news up in Edmonton, where Nikolai Khabibulin's back surgery has pretty much stuck a fork in the Oilers' season.

Svatos on the block | All Things Avs
Adrian Dater writes that a young goal-scorer could be available in Denver.

Tension brewing in Leafs dressing room - The Globe and Mail
A sour team is coming into Nashville on Monday...

The UnWise - Japers' Rink
Nashville isn't the only city with underwhelming hockey coverage by the mainstream media.

Cap brings parity, and tough decisions - ESPN
Pierre Lebrun writes about the challenges that elite teams face in keeping their rosters intact from one season to the next.

Decade Of Change: The NHL Needs To Be Seen If It Expects To Grow - SB Nation
Forget the decade that just concluded, where should the NHL go in the next 10 years? Brandon Worley puts some ideas out there.