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New player On the Forecheck- an introduction

I trust all the readers at On the Forecheck are getting their new year off to a great start, and thus will forgive my training wheels as I begin blogging here on a more regular basis.

Most of you who follow the FanPosts/Shots here at On The Forecheck will know me as the user "shutoutking", as I often have contributed in that area and in the comments. As soon as the SB Nation support crew is able, I'll be rid of my nickname and just be myself, Chris Burton.

In short, I'm a college student pursuing my degree in journalism while carrying a borderline unhealthy dedication for our Nashville Predators. Dirk graciously opened a spot for me as an author here, which offers opportunities to build my portfolio and bring you even more coverage of the NHL's most under-appreciated franchise. As time allows, I'll be posting some non-statistical analysis and special pieces, as well as bringing you prospect updates and other miscellaneous items.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@predatweeter) and drop your suggestions and advice there or in the comments.

After the jump, some analysis on the firing of a Central Division rival's coach, and quick news on Jordin Tootoo...

This via the Nashville Predators' Twitter account:


Thats good news for fans, as the energy and grit of Tootoo has been sorely missed.

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports attributes Andy Murray's demise to the faltering special teams and their awful home-ice record: 

What transformed Andy Murray from a Jack Adams candidate to a coaching casualty? Two stats, actually.

•A home record of 6-13-3. Inexcusable, embarrassing and, most importantly, bad for business.

• A power-play conversion rate of 16.1 percent, good for 25th in the NHL after being 8th last season under the guidance of Murray, who took the reins on the special teams unit and got results.