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Wednesday's notes: Toronto journalist stirring up more trouble in Nashville

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After the jump we've got loads of hockey news for you, including lots of prospect talk, a look at the Father's Trip that the Predators are conducting right now, and news that the Stanley Cup got diverted to the wrong airport the other day.

But first...

Nashville eyes tighter leash on Predators - The Globe and Mail
David Shoalts apparently can't resist stirring the pot in Nashville, can he? Having "discovered" a financial guarantee agreement between the Preds owners that is more comprehensive than the one provided by the owners to the city, he presents this info to Rusty Lawrence, the Metro Sports Authority member who wants to press the team on a number of fronts. Of course, Rusty, who doesn't seem to have even a basic grasp of the facts at hand, plans to use this as a club to beat the owners over the head with.

It's like watching a dog chase a thrown stick.

Why would anyone be surprised to see the ownership group have a stronger, more comprehensive agreement amongst themselves than with the city? Ultimately, if the current guarantee requirements with Metro are so awful, what does that say about the Sports Authority, which requested them, and negotiated with the Preds to bring them about?

There's nothing newsworthy in Shoalts' latest piece, it's meddling, pure and simple.

Follow on for the rest of today's news...

Predators News

Preds On The Glass: Predators Head West on Dad's Trip and Wednesday Wrap-Up
Be sure to check out Buddy's morning update, which has more than a few things that I've missed here.

Preds 101: Personal Optimism & Stats Regarding Preds Attendance Numbers
Did Monday's big crowd for the Toronto game tip the Preds over to positive year-on-year comparisons in paid attendance?

thinktrain - Stability of Poile, Trotz has served Preds well
Local social media buff Rob Robinson celebrates the long tenures of David Poile and Barry Trotz, and compares the success Nashville has enjoyed as opposed to other recent expansion clubs.

Predators 2009-10 NCAA prospects update - Hockey's Future
Catch up on how the collegiate prospects are coming along...

One-on-One With Chief Amateur Scout Jeff Kealty - Nashville Predators
Another nice overview of the last two draft classes, and how the kids are developing.

Coaching continuity like Predators enjoy is a rarity - The Tennessean
Shocking! David Climer wrote a column about the Predators...

Predators' Joel Ward honors 2 dads - The Tennessean
As the Predators head out for their annual Father's Trip, John Glennon profiles the story of Joel Ward, who lost one father but gained another.

Around the NHL

SB Nation's Hockey Roundtable: The State Of The NHL, Part Two
In the second half of our online discussion, SB Nation hockey bloggers dig into the issue of how the NHL should regulate illegal hits, and whether we have parity in the "new NHL".

Top 10 Most Hated Active NHL Players | Hockey Independent
Just in time for Jordin Tootoo's return, he ranks #3 on this list.

SBN NHL Blogs on Twitter - Hockey Wilderness
Looking for a list of hockey bloggers on Twitter? Here's the list of all the SB Nation hockey blog accounts, including of course mine (@Forechecker).

Toronto awarded Stanley Cup by overzealous airport employee - Puck Daddy
On its way to a charity event in Vancouver, the Stanley Cup instead was diverted to Toronto by a baggage handler... I guess it wouldn't fit in an overhead bin?

Carolina Players on the Market: Who Goes and How Much Are They Worth? - Canes Country
Bob's got the Hurricanes ready for display as the NHL's Sidewalk Sale begins...

Chris Pronger: The Player, Not The Reputation | Hockey From the Cheap Seats
Controversy has followed the big defenseman wherever he's gone, but is Philly finally the right place for him to be?

My Turn as the Bruins’ Armchair-GM: Part One | The Hockey Writers
After dominating the Eastern Conference last season, Boston is a middling team this year, and Mike takes a crack at fixing the problems.

Taking a Beating: League Leaders in Getting Hit - Behind The Net
Which NHL players get hit the most often?

And lastly...

And Down The Stretch They Come - Losing photo finishes since...forever.
For those of you enjoy horse racing, go check out SB Nation's newest blog.