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Cal O'Reilly and/or Colin Wilson on their way to Nashville?

Word comes from Milwaukee this evening that in light of the injury status of Marcel Goc and Joel Ward, both  Cal O'Reilly and/or Colin Wilson are being recalled by the Nashville Predators. This, from @Short_Shifts, the fine Milwaukee Admirals blog that is often plugged in on such things.

Marcel Goc and Joel Ward uncertain for Preds; Colin Wilson and Cal O'Reilly called up to Nashville after Sunday's game.

Wilson hasn't played with the Preds since Halloween, and has been hampered by groin troubles until fairly recently. O'Reilly had 3 assists in his most recent stint with Nashville, four games earlier this month.

UPDATE: This evening, another update came across, putting the Wilson recall in doubt:

Change of plans - Nashville called back and put the Wilson recall on hold. Cal still going up. Wilson is "50-50". Not sure what changed.