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Are the Nashville Predators who we thought they were?

This afternoon, the Nashville Predators Director of Hockey Operations, Mike Santos, joined the Thom Abraham Show to talk about a variety of Preds-related themes, such as the special teams struggles, the goalie rotation, and the number of guys heading back and forth between Nashvile and Milwaukee. You can listen via the following link:

Mike Santos on Thom Abraham Show 2010-01-27

I love his one point in particular about many of the team's statistics being off for quite a while, and how the team kept winning despite that, but now perhaps the chickens have come home to roost. I would hope that such insight has the front office thinking that they need to make some tweaks via trade in order to qualify for and contend in the playoffs, rather than rely on the mix that's brought them to this point.

In short, has the current 4-game losing streak exposed some fundamental weaknesses in the team, or is it just a short-term blip in a long NHL season?

Look for further analysis on this topic during the Olympic break, as we examine long-term trends over the course of the season to get a handle on what we can expect down the stretch.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

And just as an aside, the new development in Nashville radio these days is a locally-produced 12-3 show on 104.5 featuring Blaine Bishop, Clay Travis, and Brent Dougherty, replacing the nationally-syndicated Jim Rome Show.

I've listened to them for over 4 hours this week, and as far as I can tell, these guys are not even aware that Nashville has an NHL team.

If asked, they'd probably complain that not enough people are calling about the Preds to steer the conversation in that direction, but a radio show brings certain topics to the table, and hockey has been completely off their radar. As regards the point about callers, one can hardly blame the hockey fans in Nashville for writing off the prospect of calling in to the general sports talk shows for any informed commentary on the Preds.

The exception on that front is Thom Abraham's show, also running 12-3 weekday afternoons over on WNSR 560-AM. He covers the wide, wide world of sports while including the NHL in the mix, and can actually speak intelligently about the game because he played it in college.

If it seems like I'm beating the drum for his show, I am. We Preds fans need to give support to the (very) few members of the local media who give hockey the respect and coverage it deserves.