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Nashville Business Journal provides balanced reporting on Predators lease issue

Finally, a balanced newspaper report surfaces regarding the Metro Sports Authority and its investigation of a possible lease default with the Predators, and what each side plans to do about it. Brandon Gee at the Nashville Business Journal puts the Tennessean to shame with this piece, which highlights exactly why the Sports Authority is concerned, and the stakes involved for all parties here.

Sports Authority member Lauren Brisky, Metro Director of Law Sue Cain and private attorney Larry Thrailkill will hold closed-door negotiations with the team this week or early next week, Sports Authority Chairman Arnett Bodenhamer said. Thrailkill has previously worked with Metro on its agreements with the Predators.

"What we're really going to try and do is negotiate this thing and work it out ... to make sure the Predators remain in Nashville," Bodenhamer said.

Sports Authority members said their intent is to see if any changes can be made to agreements with the Predators to prevent a default and ensure the team doesn't leave Nashville, while also protecting the financial interests of the city.

The Tennessean, however, (along with, today, NewsChannel5) appears bent on pushing the "team might leave Nashville" angle for cheap attention. It's despicable, not just for its self-serving nature but the real damage that it does to the Predators, and hockey fans throughout Middle Tennessee.