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2009 at On the Forecheck, by the numbers

With 2009 now behind us, the tech team here at SB Nation put together some data regarding our community.

So take a look after the jump for the leaderboard in terms of which users have made the most comments, Fan Posts, etc...

I can't thank each of you enough for joining this site, which launched in late February of 2009 and now boasts over 500 registered members. In the new year, I look forward to the contributions that our new author, Chris Burton, will bring to the table, and of course the continued graphics wizardry of smashville. During the Olympic break, I plan on gathering your input on how we can make this site more useful to Predators fans locally and hockey fans worldwide, but of course until I do that, please feel free to write me with any questions you have. My email is, and you can reach me on Twitter at @Forechecker.

 Stats For 2009
 New Members  516 
 Total Comments  6442 
 Total Stories  825 
 Total FanPosts  95 
 Total FanShots  322 
 Most Active Commenters
User Count
 smashville  1016 
 Michaeltastic  419 
 Great Paperclip  335 
 jerseypredsfan  318 
 SLake  272 
 shutoutking  243 
 Sam Page  237 
 PredHead  225 
 David Singleton  104 
 Most FanPosts
User Count
 smashville  20 
 shutoutking  8 
 Michaeltastic  6 
 SLake  6 
 PredHead  3 
 cp161  3 
 fangfever  3 
 rusherman  2 
 TrafficNfront  2 
 Most FanShots
User Count
 smashville  55 
 LuvthePreds  9 
 cp161  9 
 shutoutking  8 
 Sam Page  5 
 SLake  3 
 Mogen_david  2 
 stevesully26  2 
 fangfever  2