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Wednesday's news: leadership changes aplenty in the NHL

As Nashville braces for a blast of snow tomorrow (which will indeed wreak havoc on the local roads), you should just settle in and load up on hockey news.

After the jump, we've got continued speculation about Ken Hitchcock's future in Columbus, a new captain in Washington, and a look at how Team USA celebrated their victory in the World Juniors last night...

Predators News

Wednesday Notes - Flames, WJC Gold, and a preview of HBR! - Paul McCann
Paul's morning post includes another well-deserved shot at the Tennessean.

Preds On The Glass: Game Recap: Predators Lose to Flames 3-1
Buddy's recap includes audio from Barry Trotz's press conference, along with player comments from both sides.

Around the NHL

Getting Stupid Overnight - Hockey Or Die!
Jonathan Willis bemoans the never-ending coaching carousel in the NHL.

Canucks Rout Jackets, 7-3 (Puck-rakers)
What's the saying? Things always look really dark before they go completely black? The Columbus tailspin continues with a thumping in Vancouver.

Gorilla Crouch " Archive " Red Wings midterm grades - part two
Comparing Nick Lidstrom to General Motors? Wow, I didn't know things had gotten that bad for the Red Wings...

Down Goes Brown: The other Toronto Maple Leaf training camp letters
DGB found the letters sent out the last 3 summers by the Leafs to their players in anticipation of training camp... wonderful espionage here.

Alexander Ovechkin Named Capitals Captain - SB Nation
Here's the least shocking news of the week... Personally I would have waited until after the Olympics to do this, but it was pretty much a done deal once Chris Clark was traded.

The Peerless Prognosticator: Role Models for a New Captain
Hard-hitting analysis as to what sort of captain Alex Ovechkin will be for Washington. Crunch, or Kirk?

Gambling on Goaltending - Japers' Rink
How comfortable can the Caps be with their goaltending situation? Do they need to make a move at the trade deadline, or rely on young talent?

Would You Pay $10 Million a Year for this Defense? - Bird Watchers Anonymous
The Falconer brings some damning video evidence that questions why Atlanta should shell out top $$$ to Ilya Kovalchuk, given his lack of two-way effort.

Lowetide: Yesterday's Papers
Is it time for Edmonton to cut bait on Andrew Cogliano? I love this line - "Some guys have three years experience by now, and some guys have one year's experience three times."

CTV Olympics - Leafs racing toward Olympic Games break
The Maple Leafs face a rare stretch of four games in five days, and James Mirtle was good enough to quote some of my scheduling work in this piece which touches on how the Olympics have compressed the NHL schedule.

John Buccigross: Year No. 10, and still going strong - ESPN
Is it just me, or does Buccigross write about hockey like some teenager writing a mash note? "Moneyball" works in baseball, but it doesn't work in hockey because hockey is about personality, instinct and heart before everything else.

Dr. Strangepuck or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Tolerate the Penguins Power Play - PensBurgh
If the Cup champs' fans can learn to live with an awful power play, we can too, right?

Scott Walker Has Shoulder Surgery - Canes Country
So much for watching one of the All-Time Nashville Predators when Carolina comes to town tomorrow...

USA beats Canada for gold at the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships - Raw Charge
Cassie looks at how last night's win marks the development of American junior hockey, which has grown beyond "traditional" hockey cities.

Lastly, here's Team USA celebrating last night's gold medal victory at the World Juniors: