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Wanted: Anders Lindback's nickname

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Hockey, perhaps more than any game, has a litany of high-quality player nicknames. NHL-wide, there's "The Great One" (Wayne Gretzky), "The Great 8" (Alex Ovechkin), and many, many others. Here in Nashville, we're pretty plain - "Toots" (Jordin Tootoo), "Peks" (indeed, its on Rinne's goalie mask), "Shea Freaking Weber" or "The Beast" for our captain, and many others. At any rate, whether they are hilariously creative or a variation on the player's name, everybody needs a nickname.

In that spirit, then, we should endeavor to find a suitable nickname for Nashville's latest backup goaltender, Anders Lindback. He's 6'6 and from Sweden, so there should be plenty of options, right?

The Choices

I posed this question on Twitter early in the day, so what follows are the options I was presented with. If you have better suggestions, please leave them in the comments.


My vote out of the above options has to go for "Anders the Giant". It encompasses popular culture, his height, and his first name is obviously quite similar to the nickname's origin, Andre the Giant.

So what do you think? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments.