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Tuesday's news: Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!

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The Calgary Flames come to town tonight, posing a serious challenge to our wounded Preds and their 3-0-1 record. Shouldn't the team have some kind of firefighting-related promotion tied to Calgary visits? Anyways, Chris has your Game Day Preview all lined up, and of course we've got your morning hockey news right here.

After the jump, we have two looks at the uncertainty surrounding Calgary's on-ice fortunes this season, a young Pred who has taken up the shameful habit of blogging (there ain't no future in it, kid, trust me), and word that Pekka Rinne's threads apparently have The Right Stuff...

Jarome Iginla and the Calgary Flames come to Smashville tonight, while Sidney Crosby & the Pittsburgh Penguins play here Thursday. Use this special offer for OtF readers to save money on Nashville Predators tickets for these, or any other home games this season.

Nashville Predators News

Marcel Goc and Tin Foil Hats | PredsBlog
Sam proposes the idea that Nicklas Backstrom's elfin appearance and demeanor may be why he hasn't drawn discipline from the league for his boarding of Marcel Goc. But don't discount the tin foil hat - that may be what protected him from a concussion... I'll bet Matthew Lombardi wishes HE was wearing one in Chicago last week.

Pekka Rinne jersey set to make historic journey - Nashville Predators Examiner
A #35 Preds sweater (not mine? *sniff*) is boldly going where no goalie's jersey has gone before (I presume)...

Cal O’Reilly Gets Some ESPN Love | PredsBlog
Sam highlights some fantasy hockey hype for O'Reilly.

The Sky Is SO Not Falling " Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ notes that the depth we were all so excited about a few weeks ago is exactly what is carrying the Preds through these injury issues.

What The Puck: Your Morning Jed: Locker Room Re-do
Rachel highlights the Preds' video documenting the flood damage at Bridgestone Arena, and the work that went into rebuilding their dressing room.

Roussel Named to Team QMJHL for Super Series - Nashville
Sure, he may have been suspended recently, but Charles-Olivier Roussel has been selected (again) to participate in a series that will pit QMJHL stars against a team of Russian junior prospects.

Wilson back to middle - Predators Insider
Colin Wilson is back centering Martin Erat and J.P. Dumont, and will have to mind things defensively.

Setting my scoring goal - Predators Insider
Colin Wilson also contributes a blog entry, and includes his offensive goals for the season.

Around the NHL

Has the window to win closed on Flames? - Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte's 30 Thoughts should be a staple of your weekly hockey reading.

Tanguay and Twitter – everybody’s talking about the Flames - The Globe and Mail
Nobody really knows how Calgary will shake out this season, but their ups and downs will draw plenty of attention.

Two Shots Is All He Needs: Blackhawks 3 - Blues 2 (OT) - Second City Hockey
The Blues let a 2-0 third period lead get away from them, losing the game to Chicago in overtime. What kind of team does that?

David Shoalts Strikes Back, Calls Coyote Fans Idiots on the Radio - Five For Howling
As a Phoenix Coyotes sale nears completion, Toronto reporter David Shoalts sounds increasingly batty.

Record Crowd For Outdoor Hockey Game - KuklasKorner
Man, I wish I could go back to Ann Arbor for this one. Over 105,000 tickets have been sold for Michigan vs. Michigan State on December 11.

Riled-up Richards punishes Wild for "unacceptable" effort vs. Jackets; Burns injured |
Former Admirals coach Todd Richards is in a sorry situation in Minnesota, but he's doing what he can to get the Wild moving in the right direction. You've got to read this detailed account of a nasty, nasty practice.

Clean Up your Act, Madison Square Garden - Behind The Net
Shall we just exclude the Rangers from some of our advanced statistical analysis? Based on the job their official scorer is doing, you just might have to.

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