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Which league has the hardest hits? The NHL, or NFL?

With the NFL having suddenly stumbled into the morass that the NHL has struggled through for years ("marketing the violent nature of our sport vs. protecting the well-being of players"), an interesting question pops up given the comparison. Which sport features the harder hits? Football, or hockey?

Here's what Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco had to say last night on Versus:

It's an interesting question, because even though we have two wide receivers talking here, professional football is like lining up a bunch of over-muscled behemoths and staging a train wreck over and over again dozens of times, whereas hockey is more of a high-speed blender of physicality where players are open to thundering checks coming from any direction.

Follow after the jump for a sample of hard hits from each sport, and vote in the poll...

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First up, the coolest game on Earth...

And for football...

Feel free to note links to alternate "big hit" videos in the comments below, it was hard to find anything decent, surprisingly.