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Building a faster Forechecker with MLX Skates

Can cutting-edge equipment really help a hockey player get more out of their game? We can all understand why a major league professional would want the latest and greatest gear, but what about youth players, or the adult recreational player?

The folks at MLX Skates have been good enough to send me a pair of their new ice hockey skates to review, so once they arrive and I've had the chance to put them through the paces for a couple of weeks, I'll share my thoughts on what these skates (designed to take advantage of some techniques from the speed-skating world) bring to the table. Rather than tell you in my own words what innovations the MLX offers, I'll let the founder & CEO (and four-time Olympic speed skater), David Cruikshank, do the talking:

I'm really interested to see how these new skates perform, because particularly at the rec-league level, skating makes all the difference in the world. A few NHL'ers like Sergei Gonchar, Dustin Byfuglien, and Paul Gaustad are using them, and Mario Lemieux has given them his stamp of approval, so that's good enough for me to take a deeper look!