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Tuesday's notes: pucks & yucks

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Hockey is an intense game, and emotions can run high not only on the ice, but off it as well. Today we have discontent stirred up over how the Nashville Predators are covered both locally and abroad, and some hilarious bits of video that remind us how to let off some of that steam in a positive way.

So follow after the jump, for hockey news from around the web that ranges from angry to amusing...

The Mississippi River Scum St. Louis Blues come to town Thursday to take on the Preds, a game which will not be on TV, even if you have NHL Center Ice. Use this special offer for OtF readers to save money on Nashville Predators tickets for this, or any other home game.

Nashville Predators News

The View from 111: The First Hattie's of the 2010 Season
Kudos to Mark, for recognizing outstanding performances in the high art of douchebaggery.

Preds On The Glass: Calling Out The Tennessean
Buddy rips into The Tennessean for not sending Josh Cooper along with the team on their weekend road trip, so that he has "the chance to do the job he has been given to the best of his abilities. "

The Case Of Chet Pickard | Admirals Roundtable
13 straight losses for Chet Pickard? Really? While these things are never entirely the goalie's fault, it'll be interesting to see how he handles this stretch.

Join the 303 Road Trip on 12/6! | Section 303
Join Patten & the Gang as they head to Atlanta for the Thrashers/Predators game in December. One participant will even get to ride the Zamboni.

Preds On The Glass: Predators Continue to Give Back to the Community and Tuesday Tidbits
Buddy has all the details on tonight's open practice, clinic, and autograph signing at A-Game Sportsplex in Cool Springs.

Men Who Look Good In Purple Ties | PredsBlog
The title says it all.

Nashville Predators' penalty kill hits groove - The Tennessean
12 straight successful PK's have the Preds pointed in the right direction.

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Around the NHL

The 15 things GQ magazine taught us about Alex Ovechkin - Puck Daddy
It's good to see the broader media pick up on someone other than Sidney Crosby.

Central Division Shakedown - Predlines
Amanda's weekly swing around the Central highlights a Nikita Filatov benching in Columbus.

Game No. 8 (Puck-Rakers Blog)
Give full marks to Columbus for hanging on and earning a tough 2-1 win on home ice over Philadelphia last night.

Note From Callahan: Stop Mindlessly Booing Rozsival - Blueshirt Banter
The guy who deserves to be booed in New York is sitting in the front office.

Devils’ marriage with Kovalchuk already showing cracks - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek neatly sums up the mess in New Jersey.

A Wings’ fan’s response to Associated Content -
The condemnation for Yahoo! Sports' new "Associated Content" is coming from pretty much all corners of the hockey world.

Yahoo's "Associated Content" is Garbage, Black Eye for Bloggers - Barry Melrose Rocks
BMR has their take on Yahoo's amateur hour.

Contraction might be something to consider for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman -
This may be a first - an article about attendance woes and speculation about contraction (forget about it, ain't gonna happen) that doesn't include even a mention of the Nashville Predators. We've come a long way, baby.

Blame Canada? Blame FOX: Florida Panthers Blacked Out in South Florida ... - On Frozen Pond
Hockey fans in South Florida are also getting screwed over in this Fox Sports/Dish Network dispute, having games blacked out even for Center Ice subscribers. Here in Nashville, Thursday's game vs. St. Louis is next on the blackout list.

Brown hit video " LA Kings Insider
L.A. Kings captain Dustin Brown was ejected last night for a blind-side head shot. Is a suspension coming up next?

A "Wildcat" NHL - Behind The Net
Tossing out the idea of a 4-forward, 1 defenseman lineup. Interesting food for thought.

Video: Before Wisniewski's mouth, there was Tom Lysiak's knob - Puck Daddy
Now THIS is some hockey history... funny stuff here.

Down Goes Brown: Other NHL superstar who wound up in the doghouse
This one's a doozy: "February, 2009 - After becoming upset that his team isn't listening to him in practice, Mike Babcock's attempt at sarcasm fails when the team responds to his taunt of "maybe you all need to turn up your hearing aids" by agreeing that that's a pretty good idea and turning up their hearing aids."

Sergei Kostitsyn claims brother, Andrei, stole identity as top NHL scorer | Intent to Blow
We've got four doses of hockey humor for you this morning, when you include the item below...

And lastly, a few wise words to young defensemen about scoring on their own net from Bloge Salming: