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Jordin Tootoo's "charge" - will it result in suspension?

Jordin Tootoo received a major penalty and a game misconduct for "charging" St. Louis defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo in tonight's 3-0 loss to the Blues, a call which will presumably bring a review by the NHL for possible supplementary discipline.

Here's the video from YouTube courtesy of user NHLArchive:

The St. Louis broadcasters, of course, take the homer perspective. As Barry Trotz said in the post-game press conference, however, Tootoo didn't take a stride from the top of the circles in, he didn't leave his feet, and he hit Colaiacovo shoulder-to-shoulder. But since the Blues defenseman went down, and stayed down, the referees made a reaction call, and when they saw #22, they piled on the extras.

If that occurs with most players in the league, that play gets included in the highlights as rough & tumble hockey, but Tootoo draws attention from the officials even though he has brought a great deal of discipline to his game in recent years.

So I ask you - do you think this hit will result in a suspension? I'm not asking should it, because frankly you can make a very strong argument that no penalty at all should have resulted from the play. But do you think Colin Campbell will drop the hammer on him?