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Nashville Predators blackouts may end soon, but you still won't see every game

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According to Yahoo Finance (stick tap to The Cannon), the carriage dispute between Fox Sports and Dish Network has been resolved. This affected Nashville fans regardless of their cable/satellite affiliation over the last few weeks, as blackouts were in place even for NHL Center Ice subscribers.

Even with this in place, however, we may not be able to see next Saturday's game at Los Angeles (November 6), which is not scheduled for coverage by Fox Sports TN or by the Kings broadcast partner - yup, this is one of those few games which NOBODY is broadcasting.

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from Buddy Oakes, it was announced this week that the Kings have recently added to their broadcast schedule, and the November 6th game WILL be televised, so if you have NHL Center Ice, you should be able to see it. As noted in the comments below, there may be other games later this season which won't be televised at all.

The next game that this agreement "saves" for Predators fans will be November 16th when the Preds play at Toronto. The Maple Leafs feed should be available for Center Ice subscribers that evening.