Nashville Predators prospect Anthony Bitetto arrested

This report comes via a FanPost from Predneck. I've also included a few comments after the jump. - Dirk

As a Sophomore at Northeastern University (notably, David Poile's alma mater - Dirk), I was pretty excited when I heard the Preds drafted rising freshman Anthony Bitetto in the 6th round this summer. I've been pumped to watch a future Predator skate for the Huskies, since I thought this meant the Huskies would get the quality of defenseman we see in Nashville. Well, it seems Bitetto may have some character issues after all, as he was recently arrested for assault. Follow after the jump for an excerpt from the Northeastern Crime Log:

Sunday, September 26
12:35 a.m.
A student told officers she was assaulted by another student as she was leaving a party on Symphony Road. She was later able to identify Anthony Bitetto, 20, as the perpetrator. He was arrested for indecent assault and battery and reported to OSCCR.

Bitetto was, however, able to play in Northeastern's home opener against Acadia, and I have to say he showed talent. He's unpolished by Hockey East standards, but he showed solid back checking ability, adequate skill moving the puck out of the defensive zone, and looked very comfortable on the power play. While I wouldn't call him a "quarterback", he functioned very well above the circle in the umbrella. He did, however, fumble a couple of tape-to-tape passes in 5 on 5 situations and looked out of position at times when Acadia set up in their offensive zone. If anyone is interested, I'll keep posting my thoughts on what I see out of him throughout the season, but I wouldn't call myself a "college scout" by any means.

First of all, let's all keep in mind that we don't know anything beyond these few sentences, so let's not rush to judgment before all the facts come out. It sounds like Northeastern is relying heavily on Bitetto this season, so this situation will bear monitoring. One thing the Predators talk about a lot relative to their prospects is their character, and how they respond to challenging situations like getting cut from a team, or rehabbing from an injury. How will Bitetto respond to this incident? Only time will tell. For more on Bitetto, check out the thread on HFBoards from when he was drafted by the Preds, there's a ton of info in there. - Dirk

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