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Friday's notes: Preds on the pull

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A shootout victory over a division rival sure has a way of improving one's mood, doesn't it? It's almost enough to make a Preds fan forget some of the facepalm-inducing action along the way. Perhaps the most insightful analysis of last night's game could be offered up by Ian Holloway, the coach of my beloved Blackpool, in the English Premier League. Yes, this is about a soccer game from three years ago, but it describes last night in St. Louis perfectly well:

Follow after the jump as I make a guest appearance on a "hockey & punk rock" podcast (you can guess which half I chipped in on), panic breaks out in Toronto over the Maple Leafs' struggles, and a member of the Calgary Flames does his best Kenny Britt impersonation...

The Preds return to Bridgestone Arena tomorrow against the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, so take advantage of the OtF discount and save money on Nashville Predators tickets for this, or any other home game. 

Nashville Predators News

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I was a guest on this relatively new hockey podcast, run by a Chicago fan and a Columbus fan, with a special focus on the Central Division (something sorely needed at times). Check it out!

Preds On The Glass: Predators Break Streak, Look For Better Days Ahead, and Friday Findings
Buddy's up and rolling with his morning links.

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